Copyright and third-party rights

Updated 4th March 2018

All original material copyright 1996-2018 Chris King.

Put simply: By all means browse the pages, but don't publish my work elsewhere without asking me first !

All trademarks and trading names of third parties mentioned on this site are hereby acknowledged.

Removal of legacy resources from this site does NOT constitute the creation of "abandonware".

Modification and Interception of Pages

Updated 4th March 2018

I do NOT give consent for the contents of this web site (as conveyed by the web server(s) upon which it is published) to be intercepted, modified and/or profiled by third parties, without prior authorisation.

Put simply: Specific search engines may index the site, users may link to it, but placing the contents into your own FRAMES/IFRAMES, modifying the content of the page (as delivered to the user) or superimposing ANY form of advertising upon it before displaying it to the user is a total no-no. (That includes you, Phorm)

Site content and personal opinions

Updated 4th March 2018

All opinions stated on these pages are my own, and do not represent the opinions of past or present employers. They can get their own !

Links to third-party sites

Updated 4th March 2018

Where links to a third party's pages are provided, please be aware that I have NO editorial control over such pages.

Any complaints regarding content, broken links etc. on third-party sites should be directed to the author(s) of the relevant pages, and NOT to me.

Please note that all links to third-party sites will be opened in a new window, to distinguish them from site content. If you use a pop-up blocker, please be aware that this may interfere with the opening of such windows.

E-mail communication

Updated 4th March 2018

The publication of material on these web pages does NOT constitute a request for unsolicited commercial e-mail.

I will NEVER transact business with anyone who attempts to pass the cost of their advertising onto me, and forcing me to jump through hoops to unsubscribe from mailing lists I never asked to be subscribed to will only make me want to do business with you even less.

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